Theresian minutes August 2019

The Theresian Society

Minutes for Sunday Aug.18, 2019

President: Glenda Espiritu called the meeting to order at 9:25 am, and after welcoming 22 attendees she led the group in prayer.

Minutes: It was determined that everyone had received and reviewed July 2019 minutes. Motion made and seconded to accept as written. Motion passed.

Financial Secretary & Treasurer’s Reports: Glenda reviewed Ginny’s notes regarding the current Treasury report as follows: The balance at the end of August was $1722.62. Income received totaled $270.00 for vendors for the Bazaar, thus bringing the total current balance to $1992.62.

Prayer Line: Deborah Rooks acquired information regarding additions and deletions for the prayer line.

Correspondence: It was reported that Phyllis sent out 5 birthday cards for August.

Funeral Reception: No funerals to report since last meeting.

Historian: Jeri Trudeau stated that she is keeping a digital account of information and asked that if anyone has any pictures they wish to share, to place them in the Theresian box for her. She will copy and return them to you. She will share the information at one of the future meetings.

Telephone correspondence: Trish has been keeping Theresians without email updated via phone.


Crafting for Christmas Bazaar: Tuesday Sept 3rd – time will be used to price out items prepared for the event. And on Tuesday Sept 17th we will clean and update the signage for the Bazaar. There has been a lot of inventory prepared for this event both at the crafters meetings and at Theresian homes, and it was decided that the Theresians may end up using 3 rooms to sell items prepared for the Bazaar. (We use classrooms least desired by the crafters).

Christmas Bazaar update: The event will be October 19th. Charlene states they are still selling tables (16 sold to date). Set up for the event will be the Thursday (17th) and Friday (18th) from 9am to 12 noon, and the Bazaar hours are from 9am until 2pm. When the event ends at 2pm, clean up begins and with all hands on deck, clean up usually ends about 3:30. Members who do not have email will be called regarding an opportunity to assist for set up days and during the actual day of the event.


Parish Picnic: Linda Gregory announced that the picnic this year will be held Sunday, Sept. 29th, to start after the 10:30 Mass (approximately 11:30 to noon) and end at 3pm. One of the ways to streamline preparation is to have labeled aluminum pans available for parishioners to pick up and assist in filling the food orders. The event is open to our parishioners as well as friends and neighbors as we use this opportunity for not only a good time but evangelization.
Retirement: Debbie Knarr has served our parish well over the past many years and in doing so has been very gracious in assisting the Theresians when called upon. To acknowledge this, it was motioned, seconded and approved that a specified monetary gift be given as she and husband head out to retirement land in their RV. She will be retiring on Sept 1st and her replacement is Dedee Rice.

Bingo: Donna Raschke announced that Bingo will resume Sept 9th and that invitations are on their way out to all the regulars that attended and had provided their names and addresses to be notified when resumed. It was announced that approximately $160,000 has been raised since its inception here at St. Therese. Just to name a few of the items offhand, the money has been used to help fund the Youth group for their help in summer work-camps; sound system for the Church; kitchen updates; help in funding roof repairs; fencing; rectory upgrades; and donated monies for Parish retreats.

Altar flowers: for September Masses on Sept 7th and 8th (in honor of our Blessed Mother) the altar flowers will be prepared by Ana and we have agreed and voted on in past to provide this service through Ana.

Birthday: Father Gregory’s Birthday s September 20th and it was motioned and approved to provide him with a $60.00 check for same.


Thank you to our hostesses today, Beverly and Ana. Sept 6th hostess will be Alicia. We will be serving the left over pancakes from the Father’s Day breakfast (in freezer). Help is requested of anyone who can come earlier to help prepare.

Mary Beth announced that the next blood drive at St. Therese will be Oct. 4th.

Glenda announced that there will be a need to set up a committee at September meeting for nominees for election of officers for next year. She specified that this will be her last year as President and asked for people to prayerfully consider stepping forward to fill this position. She reviewed some of the duties she performs and a full outline for all positions can be found in the by-laws.

The Knights will be hosting an Ice Cream Social for all parishioners in the Social Hall next Sunday, August 25th at 1-3 PM. There will be ice cream sundaes, door prizes, and a 50/50 raffle. Come join the fun!

The next Theresian meeting will be Friday September 6, 2019. There being no further business, Glenda adjourned the meeting at 10:00 AM after prayer was recited.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathie Sobieski, Secretary

Theresian Minutes July 2019

The Theresian Society

Minutes for Sunday July 21, 2019

President: Glenda Espiritu called the meeting to order at 9:20 am, and after welcoming 22 attendees she led the group with the St. Monica prayer.

Minutes: It was determined that everyone had received and reviewed June 2019 minutes. Motion made and seconded to accept as written. Motion passed.

Financial Secretary & Treasurer’s Reports: Ginny reviewed her updated Treasury report as follows: June’s beginning balance was $2032.79. After income of $ 807.00 (including dues, Father’s Day breakfast receipts, yard sale receipts, and donation for Fr. Jim’s gift) and expenses of $1157.17 (including Fr. Jim appreciation gift, Father’s Day breakfast expenses, and donation for Masses), the ending balance for Jun was $1682.62 and remains the same as of today’s date. May flea market sales included $ 500.00 for the sales spots and $355.00 of sales from the Theresian table.

Prayer Line: Deborah Rooks took information regarding additions and deletions for the prayer line.

Correspondence: Phyllis sent out 11 birthday cards and 2 get-well cards for June. She read two thank you notes; one from Phyllis Dugin and the other from Lourdes Parker.

Funeral Reception: Marianne reported 1 funeral with reception that was provided July 15th with 95 attendees and 57 for the reception. The family was very appreciative and found the whole experience very healing. Please keep them in your prayers.

Telephone correspondence: Trish announced that she needs to have new Theresians who do not have an email to please let her know if they wish information to be telephoned to them.


Priest receptions: The receptions for Father Jim’s Farewell and Father Gregory’s Welcome had excellent turn outs, and Glenda thanked everyone who provided help for both occasions.

Father’s Day Breakfast: There was a good turnout for this occasion. The purpose of this event is to celebrate the fathers of our Parish. There was an abundance of pancakes left over from the event and they have been placed in freezer to be served as the appetizer for the September meeting.


Christmas Bazaar: Will be held this year on Saturday, October 19th. Terry Wilson has volunteered as the advertising person. The Thursday and Friday before the event will be set up days. We will need some extra strong backs to move tables on these days. The event ends at 2 PM and clean up begins then. With all hands on deck, clean up usually ends about 3:30.


Ana has requested that if anyone has an excess of cards for mailing to friends and family, to please pass them onto her for the Sander’s Home residents. You can place them in an envelope and label her name and place “arts and environment” box.

Glenda announced new membership and welcome to Pat Kurovid and Nellie Barry.

Beverly Itnor is in charge of Prison Ministry and is asking for donations of large-print Bibles and Prayer booklets. If you are able to donate, please place on the white cabinet in the social hall.

The Knights are looking for xtra help with the yard work performed on Thursdays. Persons do not have to be a member of the Knights to join in the fun.

Please keep Mary McCarthy in prayer. Glenda updated everyone on her condition.

Bingo will restart on Sept. 9th.

Theresian dues are $5.00 per year and is used for postage and Advent luncheon. This year our Advent luncheon will be on Dec. 6th. The rosary will be recited at 8:30 on Friday before meetings held on Fridays.

The next Theresian meeting will be Sunday August 18 2019. There being no further business, Glenda adjourned the meeting at 10:00 AM after the Healing prayer was recited.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathie Sobieski, Secretary

Parish Council Minutes June 2019

Call to Order: 7:00 p.m. Linda Gregory

Opening prayer: Phil Olekszyk

– Council Members: Linda Gregory, Ron Haggerty, Cathy Buquor, Sylvia Clifton, Phil Olekszyk, Joan Lechene, and Dan Werner
– Ex Officio Members: Fr Jim, Cheryl Davis

Formation: Linda presented a handout on Christian Formation in the Parish.

Approval of Minutes from May 1, 2019 meeting: Phil motioned for the minutes to be approved and Cathy seconded the motion. The minutes were passed with unanimous consent.

Presentation by Donna Raschke of the Charitable Gaming ministry:

The Charitable Gaming Ministry made a courtesy presentation to the Parish Council with the goal of eliciting stronger support and commitment than in the past. There were five ministry representatives, including Donna, at the presentation. The ministry members did exhaustive research on their operational and financial history in anticipation of the presentation, producing an eight page handout with tables and graphs to support their goals. Copies of the presentation were provided to all Parish Council members.

The key points of their presentation are as follows:

1. Revenue from BINGO has always gone back to the church, supporting the purchase of major equipment needs (sound system, etc.) and operational expenses.

2. Revenue has decreased the past three years after experiencing a rise in revenue the previous five years. The decrease in revenue is attributed to fewer attendees, thus smaller payouts, and subsequently fewer attendees again as the expectation of winning large amounts decreases.

3. Manpower to help the game nights has been decreasing. Fewer volunteers means there are less people to work the game nights, and several members find themselves working every game night to stay open. The ministry calculates that 20 more volunteers are needed to allow teams of supporters to be formed. The teams would rotate each week so that no one team has to work game nights repetitively. After a recent Mass, 6 parishioners stated they were interested in volunteering on game nights.

4. The ministry is lacking sufficient funds to cover operating costs and incidental expenses. They would like a fundraising activity to be initiated with the money to go to their ministry for support. The ministry considers a $5,000 increase in budget from the Parish Council sufficient to correct immediate shortfalls.

5. The ministry would like the Parish Council to actively declare support for them, to help generate more attendance and subsequently more income so the ministry can survive. Fr Jim asked the members of the Parish Council to declare their individual support for the ministry. In a poll of Council members it was seen that the Council unanimously supports the ministry.

6. The Parish Council Chair offered to schedule a session for more dialog on the relationship with the Charitable Gaming ministry. Both parties agreed to come back together on June 26th.


– Parish Council Elections – As the Council does not have full membership (8 of 9 positions filled), nominations to the three electable positions (Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary) were postponed to a July meeting. This action was taken by a motion presented by Tim Brown, seconded by Phil Olekszyk. A factor affecting the decision is the transition of parish pastors from Fr. Jim Cowles to Fr. Gregory Kandt July 1 and the possibility that the 9th member may be appointed by the pastor.

– Ministry and Council Budgets – Budget has been completed and approved.

– Increased Offertory Program (Our Sunday Visitor) – No new data to report.

– Parish Directory online – Nothing new to report.

– Ministry Fair – This issue is tabled until the Fall.

– Columbarium update/ Cemetery Survey – Cheryl, Linda, and Phil met with Deacon Handel. The Deacon stated we must communicate with our neighbors about the plan, asking for letters of concurrence from them. Phil is preparing the letter. We need to be prepared to meet and discuss the plan with the County Board of Supervisors. The Columbarium is to be situated on the plot of land behind the current parking lot, behind and to the left of the statue and the Food Pantry building. We should see some construction progress in about a year.

– Parish Mission – Nothing new to report.

– Annual Port BBQ – Cheryl – the event went well.

– Volunteer Drivers – Phil – No response to the bulletin announcements, which ran three weeks in a row. Phil may discontinue the effort.

– Open Pastoral Council Meeting – Linda – There should be more open meetings, so that our activities and responsibilities are visible to the parish at large.

– Other old business – None


– Ministry and Council Budgets – Nothing new to report

– Neighborhoods – A fifth group is forming, but their schedule is not firm at this time.

– RCIA – Linda – RCIA has ended for the year. A new group begins at the end of August, start of September. The study topic will be the Book of Revelation.

– Finance – Linda – $1500 went to Debra Knarr from the sale of t-shirts and sweat shirts. $744 was provided to the vendor. $400.00 was set aside for a second order.

– Charitable gaming – The ministry made a presentation at the beginning of the meeting. Notes on that meeting are located at the beginning of these minutes.

– Maintenance – Nothing new to report.

– Liturgy – Nothing new to report.

– Social Justice – Nothing new to report.

– Parish Community life – Kathy – we still need a new chair for this ministry.


Pastoral Council activities during the summer break – A meeting is needed in July to formalize the new slate of officers. That meeting will be July 25, 2019. A retreat needs to be planned for August 2019. Ron Haggerty volunteered his home for the day-long retreat.

Volunteers for opening and closing prayer: Opening prayer – Linda, and closing prayer – Linda

Next meeting: July 25, 2019, 7 pm

Closing prayer – Linda.

Adjournment – Linda Gregory adjourned the meeting at 9:00 pm