Evangelization & Stewardship

Evangelization Committee

Members of this committee participate in the following activities:

Welcoming: Volunteers are available in the Commons after mass to welcome guests and register new parishioners, and are also involved in welcoming/sponsoring newcomers and supporting the New Parishioners Reception.

Adopt-a-Family:  Volunteers who have similar backgrounds to adopt newcomers by inviting and/or taking them to parish functions and keeping in touch for approximately 6 months after membership in the parish.

Community Coordination:  The County is divided geographically into various community areas; a volunteer is needed to serve as the coordinator in each area.  The purpose of this would be so parishioners in any given area have assistance and contacts to help grow their faith and in case of emergencies.

Stewardship Committees

These committees are responsible for encouraging and enabling parishioners to offer their time, talent and treasure to the parish.

Time & Talent – Vineyard Stewards

 Oversees the gathering of information about the gifts, talents, and interests of parishioners and helps to direct parishioners toward volunteer opportunities which will best utilize their talents and abilities.

All parishioners, especially those 18 and over, are asked to complete a parishioner survey and to submit updates as their abilities and interests change. Parents are asked to encourage their children to address ministries in which they are interested, e.g. Altar Server.

Click HERE to access the survey

Treasure – Sustainment Committee

This committee is convened by the Parish Pastoral Council to assist in fund-raising efforts in support of the parish.