Church Councils

Finance Council

The Finance Council shall see that proper financial records are maintained for all parish assets and liabilities and for revenues and expenses.  They will assist the pastor in developing a balanced parish budget according to the priorities and goals set by the Parish Pastoral Council.  The Finance Council will monitor the finances of the parish by reviewing monthly comparisons of actual revenues and expenditures with the budget, the investments, and the overall financial operation of the parish.  They will assist the pastor in compiling an annual report for the Bishop.  The Finance Council will review internal accounting controls.   This council consists of 5 members who are appointed by the Pastor.


Parish Pastoral Council

The members of this body assist the Pastor and the parish staff in fostering the spiritual growth and social development of this community of the faithful.  Council consists of Pastor, 9 members (including Chairman, Vice Chair, and Scribe or Secretary) and the former Chairman, who serves in an ex-officio capacity.  The 9 members are elected by the parishioners. Nominations are accepted between February and March with elections held in April or May; elected terms are for 3 years.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is convened at the request of the Parish Council Chairperson.  It consists of 3 to 5 members, including the Pastor, Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Council, and carries out internal activities of the Parish Council such as developing the agenda for council meetings and conducting such business as assigned by the Parish Council.  Between regular Parish Council meetings, the Executive Committee acts in the name of the Council and may also respond to time-sensitive issues in support of the Pastor.

Committees appointed by or reporting to Parish Pastoral Council:

Buildings & Grounds, Christian Formation, Evangelization and Stewardship, Justice and Peace, Parish Life, Planning, Safe Environment and Liturgy.

Pastoral Consultant Group

This consultative group is convened at the request of the Pastor and serves in a steering committee or advisory capacity.  The Pastoral Consultant Group consists of the Pastor, two members each from the Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Council and Vineyards Stewards, and other members as determined by the Pastor.  Members serve as a quick-reaction team to provide advice and counsel to the Pastor on emergent needs of the parish.   Attendees act for the parish in the capacity of the council or committee which they represent.