Church Administration

Building and Grounds

Use skills in carpentry, gardening, mowing, etc. to do minor repairs and special maintenance projects in parish buildings and to maintain the grounds. Usually meets on a weekday.

Offertory Counters

Count collection contributions and prepare bank deposits; requires approximately 3 hours, one Monday a month.

Office Aides

Volunteers are needed on weekdays to assist with office tasks such as stuffing mailings, labeling envelopes, making copies, and answering the phone.

Safe Environment Committee

Responsible for creating a safe environment at our church to protect our youth and all parishioners; 3-5 persons are needed for this committee.

Supporting Gifts and Talents

Business and Communication skills (such as: advertising and marketing, computer skills, finances, photography, speaking, telephoning, web sites and writing) are needed in support of Administration as well as other ministries.